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Front cover of 1721
Cantate e duetti
"...bizzaria, beauty, harmony, artful study and fanciful invention..."*

Giovanni Bononcini (1670 - 1747) is perhaps one of the most underrated composers of the early-mid 18th century.  A prolific composer in all the genres of vocal music from cantata da camera to opera and oratorio, he also wrote a number of instrumental works, ranging from sonatas to sinfonie.

Admired both by his peers and by the public for his musical abilities, besides being a gifted composer he was also a brilliant cellist, Bononcini was sought after by royalty and the aristocracy and worked throughout Europe from his beginnings in Bologna, then to Rome, via Vienna to London, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon and returning to Vienna.

At this site we would like to offer you the opportunity to read more about this almost forgotten master, peruse some of his music available at Cantata Editions, pose questions and post answers on the discussion board and generally help us to promote knowledge about Giovanni Bononcini.

* Francesco Gasparini - (1668 - 1727)

STOP PRESS!! The editions total at the Giovanni Bononcini Website has just reached 52 with the addition of James Sanderson's edition of Giovanni Bononcini's continuo cantata Dove sei mia bella Irene? for alto & continuo:

Where are you my beautiful Irene?...Where are you hiding? The sun shines among the shadows and leaves but it does not shine for me." The God of Love has been busy giving that pain only Love can bring... A very attractive, short cantata in ARA format with a final recitative instead of a da capo. A lugubrious Adagio to start and a semi-ground andante to finish.
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Detail from cantata
Siedi Amarilli mia


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